I am an architect, a brand consultant, a nonprofit professional and a photographer. For me all these jobs share a common theme – that they all require telling stories – of different things in different ways.


I was born in India, and have lived in different parts of India, Singapore and Milan. I now live in Shanghai, where I have been for the last four years. A photographer was not something that I ever planned to become. Nor was photography a need to break from the normal. For me photography was just built out of need. The needs and requirements of those that knew me. And my own need – to tell stories of what I saw of places that I’ve been to.


My commercial photo gallery is a collection of various interior, architectural, wedding, maternity and product shoots that I have undertaken in the last two years. On the other hand, the pictures in my personal gallery are from my travels across 25 countries in the last five years, where I was mostly loitering by myself, and getting lost in those streets, those mountains and those corridors of timelessness.


I hope you enjoy them.